It is quite surreal thinking that my days spent on the golf course and hours spent in the gym are now considered my work and job.  I have always been a big believer that in order to be successful in life you must be passionate about what you do, then it won’t feel so much like a job as much since you are living out your dreams.

To get caught up on what is going on in my life right now, in July I will be playing on the Suncoast Tour out of Florida, which is a women’s mini tour.  I will be playing in these events throughout the rest of the year due to me not having status on the LPGA or Symetra Tour for this year.  The reason I do not have status is because I did not attend LPGA Tour school last year, which is the only way you can earn status for those tours.
I will be embarking on a cross country road trip with my best friend Ali Murdock to Palm Springs, CA starting on August 4th.  The reason we are headed to Palm Springs is for the first stage of LPGA Tour Qualifying School.   But before I play in the first stage of Q-School I will be playing in two Suncaost events at Mission Hills CC (Dinah and Palmer courses), the first one is August 13th-15th (Dinah) and the second one is the 18th-20th (Palmer).   Playing these two tournaments will give me a chance to earn some money as well as gain experience and knowledge of the courses I will be playing the 26th-29th for the first stage of LPGA Tour Qualifying School.
Now for those of you who don’t know what LPGA Tour Qualifying School is, here is the break down.  Q-School is actually a series of three golf tournaments 1st stage is in August, 2nd stage is in September and third stage is in December. Each stage is in a different town and is played on two different golf courses. Here are the specs for each stage:
Stage I 72 holes stroke play
August 26-29, 2014
Mission Hills Country Club – Rancho Mirage, CA
Stage II 72 holes stroke play
September 30 – October 3, 2014
Plantation Golf and Country Club – Venice, FL
Stage III 90 holes stroke play
December 3-7, 2014
LPGA International – Daytona Beach, FL
Starting in August I will begin my journey of going through LPGA Tour Qualifying school in order to earn my LPGA Tour card.  Check back in and see updates throughout July as I am playing on the Suncoast Tour and also for updates on my journey to California as I will be driving.   If you would like to support me in my journey, I have created a website at where donations can be made in order to help me with the costs of Q-School and my travels there. If you would like more information on my expenses and other ways you can help, please feel free to email me at  I hope you enjoy following me in my journey and I appreciate your support!

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