The 4th Annual Teal Cup Golf Tournament

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On Monday, April 10th I participated in the 4th Annual Teal Cup Golf Tournament benefitting The Ovarian Cancer Institute. This tournament was hosted by the Sigma Nu Fraternity – Iota Pi Chapter at Indian Hills Country Club in Marietta, GA.

I was invited to play in this event by one of my best friends, Kaylin Yost, who is dating one of the gentlemen from Sigma Nu, who helped put on the event. They wanted to attract more people to come play by inviting about 8 LPGA ladies to come play.

We all had host families to stay with while attending the event and the family I stayed with I actually met last year while on tour. There was a junior golf camp I helped out with on tour last year and this family’s kids were in the junior camp where I first met them. We kept in contact throughout the year and even met up when they were in Florida on spring break this year. Fast-forward to tournament time and I not only got to see them again but stay with them as well.

I came into town on Friday to spend some time with the family hosting me and the tournament wasn’t until the following Monday. In case you are wondering Marietta is only 2.5 hours from Augusta, and it was MASTERS WEEKEND. I did not attend the Masters, I did however get to watch it on a giant projection screen downstairs at my host house, which was awesome! The players were life sized and the weather never faltered, of course because we were inside. 😉

Sunday the day most of the other girls were coming into town. I picked up one of my friends, Jen from the airport and another, AJ, was meeting up with us, as she was driving down from Knoxville, TN. This day also happened to not only be Masters Sunday but AJ’s birthday as well! When we all were together we got brunch at a place in Buckhead, GA called Canoe and it was AWESOME! If you are ever driving through Buckhead and need a place to stop with good food and an even better view, this is your place!

After a couple golfers get food in them where do you think they go to get drinks and watch Masters Sunday unfold? If you guess Top Golf then you are correct! We just can’t get away from the sport if we even wanted to. With what was an awesome ending to a Masters and the reason why we all love to watch the game of golf , it was a great Sunday and a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

Monday was tournament day and we all got to meet our teams. My team was one man short but what we lacked in physical bodies we overcame with personality. Laughter and good times were not missing in our group at all. When you see the commercials for Dos Equis beer and the most interesting man in the world, well think of an English version of him and that is one of the gentlemen I had the pleasure of playing with. He did voiceovers for too many companies to list and spoke in over 8 different accents throughout the day so needless to say the day was more than entertaining. Our team didn’t end up winning the golf tournament but I did end up winning closest to the pin and the event raised over $50,000 for The Ovarian Cancer Institute!! This year the event raised more money than its has any other year! It was a pleasure to be able to be apart of an event that raised money and help support such a great cause. If you would like to help this wonderful organization raise more money you can go donate at


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